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Quality and EHS Policies

Quality and EHS Policies

Make continous improvements.

Honor our commitments.

Improve our quality.

Satisfy our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Committed to supply products and services that meet customers’ satisfaction.

Fully understand the details of our quality policy and endeavor to achieve policy goals through our own job responsibilities.

Quality Policy Statement

1. Make continuous improvements through managerial system feedbacks to maximize the total quality enhancement.

2. Implement the communication and training constantly to facilitate employees' awareness that quality is each one's accountability.

3. Provide the required resources, technologies, labor forces, and proper working environment to ensure quality requirements for achieving the business objectives.

4. Grow with customers and suppliers / vendors by all collaborated efforts and innovation for quality improvements.

5. Ensure all quality activities meet enforced goernmental regulations and required conformity in connection with the products.

6. Establish the effective communication mechanism for timely responding and reflecting the requirement and expectation from each stakeholder through a systematic process as the foundation of continuous improvements.

Environmental, Health and Safety, and Energy Policy Statement

1.We pledge to comply with government climate, environmental health and safety, and energy laws and regulations, as well as commitments to stakeholders, and to fulfill our responsibility to ensure the environmental and safety health of employees, contractors, facilities, and communities.

2.We will control and eliminate hazardous risks, establish effective emergency response plans to reduce the occurrence of major accidents and pollution incidents.

3.We will identify opportunities for system and process improvements to reduce the impact of climate, environmental pollution, and health and safety risks. We are committed to energy conservation, carbon reduction, water resource recycling, and the construction of a low-carbon, circular economy system based on environmentally friendly and green technologies.

4.To enhance the awareness of climate, environmental health and safety, and energy among employees and stakeholders, we will provide appropriate channels for consultation and participation.

5.We will continually drive various quantifiable management goals, enhancing management performance through regular reviews and improvements.

6.Utilizing effective technologies and management systems, we will protect employee safety, health, and well-being, reduce the impact of climate and environmental issues, and enhance energy efficiency.

7.We support the design, procurement of products, and activities that improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact of climate and environmental issues.

We will appropriately disclose product information and assess climate, environmental health and safety risks for customers.