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Chairman Lin, Shean-Tung

Chairman of Dairen Chemical Corporation Lin, Shean-Tung, executive director of Changchun Group, and concurrently chairman of RCCT Technology Company.

It is one of the few management operators who have both petrochemical and electronics fields. Changchun Group has implemented certifications such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and ISO 27001, and promoted the E-, M-, and U-ization of the group's IT system.

Chairman Lin has unique forward-looking insights into new information applications, and makes full use of technology to create added value for the company and improve its agile response.

Chairman Lin has authored many books such as "Changchun Petrochemical Community Power APP Innovation and Application", adhering to the concept of "creative innovation" and continuously "innovative applications", leading Dairen Chemical Corporation to continue to make progress towards "Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing".

General Manager Huang, Fu-Chu

Huang, Fu-Chu, general manager of Dairen Chemical Corporation, graduated from the Chemical Engineering of National Central University and was awarded an distinguished alumni. Won the honor of "Chemical Technology Award" from Taiwan Chemical Industry Association.

Formerly served as the general manager of Changchun Chemical (Singapore) Co., Ltd. / Changchun Dairen Chemical (Singapore) Co., Ltd., the chief executive officer of Dairen Chemical Corporation, and the director of Dairen Chemical Mai-Liao Plant. He was appointed general manager of Dairen Chemical Corporation Co., Ltd. on July 1, 2019.

General Manager Huang led the R & D work actively and successfully. He has developed Pyridine & Beta-Picoline. Its manufacturing process is very difficult and it is one of the few advanced processes in the world.

In 2001/2005/2006, Vinyl Acetate and Allyl Alcohol were successively prepared to become the world's largest production base at that time. The plant was completed and put into operation in the shortest time.

General Manager Huang upholds the macro vision and actively leads Dairen Chemical Corporation to strive for excellence and to reach higher levels.