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Changchun Group president Lin Shu-Hong was awarded the Honorary Doctorate of National Taipei University of Technology


(Central News Agency reporter Xu Zhi-Wei Taipei 14) NTUT today held the opening ceremony of the first semester of the academic year 2015, and the award of an honorary doctorate to Changchun Petrochemical Group president Lin Shu-Hong and vice president Tseng Shin-Yi , in recognition of both the importance of Taiwan's petrochemical industry contribution.

He graduated from Taipei Industrial Vocational School (National Taipei University of Technology predecessor) Lin Shu-Hong and Liao Ming-Kun (Changchun Petrochemical co-founder), with funds derived from the sale of three bicycles, gather NT $ 500, he created the "Changchun Petrochemical" When there is no grassroots Changchun own factories, borrow Tseng Shin-Yi father plant shutdown periods at night, carry out the electrical plug electricity flour production, starting Changchun Petrochemical Group in tough environments.

Russian proverb cited Lin Shu-Hong behalf of his speech, "The best fertilizer is the owner of the farm's footprint, the more the better harvest footprint," explained Changchun Petrochemical Group's management philosophy is diligent walking success.

In recent years, more than the face of a major work safety accidents, Lin Shu-Hong to the god of business management in Japan Matsushita religion to illustrate the industrial safety maintenance issues like the temple daily, although insignificant little trick, but it must be from the heart, really good in order to make industrial safety management has become the norm.